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Training Department - Air Traffic Control


Welcome to the Training Department of Serbia & Montenegro vACC!


On this page you will find information relevant to training inside the Belgrade Flight Information Region. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here. Our team of Training Instructors will help every new member get the required knowledge for providing ATC on the VATSIM network.


Meet the team of Training Instructors


As Training Director, Uroš Mitorvić is the training leader inside the Belgrade FIR. With years of experience in real world, he is in charge of organizing training sessions, coordinating with other instructors and mentors and making sure that training of members is progressing without problems. Helping him are numerous mentors and instructors that also train members and help them in their progress throughout the ratings. The candidate, working with training staff on the frequency will learn about ATC with all its in and outs and prepare for the practical examination which is performed in front of the TD team.

Darko Pajić, SCGvACC Director, is also in charge of organizing exams and training sessions and helping Uros run the training deparment. You will notice that many of our members are helping with training. That is a great part of our success and it has many advantages - giving back to others, having a great time talking to fellow enthusiasts and enjoying the community spirit SCGvACC stands for.


Let’s get started!


First off all, you should know that Training Instructors will help you as much as they can, but they can not do everything for you. Every new member should work hard to get the required knowledge to become a controller.

There are many resources that new aspiring members can use. These include the fantastic VATEUD Training Department and SCGvACC's own Training Department material available in Serbian only. SCGVACC's TD can be found on our forum. It is important to note that all members are required to learn the documentation provided before starting practical training. Our staff will help during the process by providing support on our forum. Our collegues over at the Croatia vACC have created a great 'getting started' document that can be found here. It is written in Croatian and we highly recommend you to read it. Another requirement for all candidates to be familiar with one of the radar clients, VRC or EuroSCope. Their manuals are available freely on the web.


As you have noticed, the requirements are high, but our moto is "As real as it gets" and we are trying hard to maintain a roster of proffessional and dedicated controllers.


Are you ready?


If you think that providing ATC is interesting and you are ready to take up a rewarding, addicitve hobby, why not give it a chance? Our members are waiting to say "Hi" on the forum.