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Balkans United 2013

(Posted By Sava Markovic on 2013-05-24 19:26:18)

The Balkans

the cradle of the Western civilizations, a land of high mountains, high
spirits and high tempers! With its beautiful nature and landscape, long
history and cultural variety the region has captured the hearts and
imagination of many tourists and visitors over the years.

On the night of the event, all Balkan Centers will be staffed and top-down
coverage will be provided across all countries. Additionally, one major
airport will be fully staffed in each country, thus allowing pilots to hop
between our airports under continuous ATC service for 4 hours.

Visit the Balkans United website and get all informations, charts,
sceneries, routes and much more.

Date: 8th june 2013
Time: 1700-2100z
Eventpage: http://balkans.vateud.net

A land of crossroads and contrasts, a land of division and unity mixed
together, a land where East meets West: tonight the Balkans stand United and
invite you for a visit!

Enjoy your Balkan adventure!