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Controller files for Beograd FIR/ACC for use with EuroScope


Sector file (click to download) file for LYBA FIR, which contains data according to the newest AIRAC for Beograd ACC. This file will give you map of Beograd ACC on EuroScope with all borders, navaids, airports, lower and upper airways including runway, taxiways and aprons for LYBE airport. Based on Serbia & Montenegro AIP.

ESE File (click to download) for use with EuroScope for identification of all relevant positions in LYBA FIR and displaying information such as SIDs, STARs, etc.

EuroScope 3.1d (click to download) The actual EuroScope 3.1d client.


Information about EuroScope 3.1d


EuroScope is used to connect to the VATSIM Virtual Air Traffic SIMulation network. It simulates the radar system used by air traffic controllers to guide aircraft along their routes through the simulated world on VATSIM.

Some highlights of the new features that appeared in the latest, 3.1d, version:

Plug-in development environment: Probably the biggest innovation in this release. Using it you can create your own DLLs that can be loaded into EuroScope. As a programmer you can access nearly all the information available about planes, flight plans, controllers around. You are free to make code to add elements to a TAG, draw your own graphics to the radar screen or simply create a complete new view of the traffic. Some plug-ins are available as source code in the installer package.

Professional radar simulation: The main idea is to forget some data we receive from the VATSIM servers and simulate how the radar stations receive back data from the planes, how these data is correlated to the flight plans sent. And if all work fine you can associate a radar position to a flight plan (actually a plane). You can define antenna positions, hole areas, primary and secondary ranges, A+C and S mode transponder readouts. You also have simulated flight plan track display.

Complete new TAG types to follow the new possibilities.

New simulator features: Automatic sector file publication and download, Metric units,  Full VATSIM server status check at startup.