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Tivat Airport

Situated just beside Tivat city, on the coast of the Adriatic sea, and about 20 km north-west of Budva city (one of the most popular tourist centers in this part of the Adriatic region), this airport has one of the most difficult and dangerous approaches in the world. No matter if approaching from the north-west via Boka Kotorska bay or from south-east across Budva city parallel with the coast, this airport requires high skilled pilots and maximum concentration for safe landing. Approach is difficult and dangerous due to a lot of high hills surrounding the airport, and also due to very often strong cross winds from the hills as well as from the sea. In summer time this airport is visited by many airlines, which organize charter flights for tourists. Due to bad terrain lighting around the airport, it is open only during day light in real life, but on VATSIM, you are free to fly to Tivat anytime.

Country: Montenegro
Latitude: 42.4047
Longitude: 18.7228
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LYTV 052230Z 16011KT 110V210 9999 SCT033 BKN080 18/12 Q0999
Runway Magnetic Bearing Dimensions Surface
14 139° 2502m x 45m Asphalt
32 319° 2502m x 45m Asphalt
Air Traffic Control Stations
Position Identifier Callsign Frequency (MHz) Note
LYTV_TWR Tivat Tower 118.00 Provides Non-Radar Approach Control
LYPG_APP Podgorica Approach/Radar 135.15 / 118.70 None
Navigational Aids
Type Identifier Frequency Note
LOC/DME RWY32 TIV 111.30 MHz Offset 20°
NDB TAZ 345 kHz Rwy 32
NDB RO 332 kHz Rwy 14