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Podgorica Airport

Situated about 10 km south of Podgorica city (the capital of Montenegro), near the Golubovci village in the valley of Moraca and Zeta rivers, just on coast of Skadar lake and only 15 km from the border between Montengro and Albania, this airport gives very interesting experience for pilots as well as for all passengers aboard looking through the windows. Hills which surround airport from west, north and east limit approach, so it is available only from south via Skadar lake. Pilots have to make descending circle above the lake, and also to be careful to do not overshoot the country border. This airport is home base of “Montenegro Airlines”. Podgorica airport is used for military aviation too.

Country: Montenegro
Latitude: 42.3594
Longitude: 19.2519
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LYPG 290730Z VRB01KT CAVOK 16/13 Q1019 NOSIG
Runway Magnetic Bearing Dimensions Surface
18 181° 2502m x 45m Asphalt
36 001° 25020m x 45m Asphalt
Air Traffic Control Stations
Position Identifier Callsign Frequency (MHz) Note
LYPG_TWR Podgorica Tower 118.20 None
LYPG_APP Podgorica Approach/Radar 135.15 / 118.70 Provides services for Tivat and Podgorica
Navigational Aids
Type Identifier Frequency Note
ILS RWY 36 YUI 109.9 MHz CAT 1
VOR/DME POD 113.0 Nhz Podgorica VOR
NDB POD 335 kHz None
NDB GO 420 kHz Golubovci RWY 36