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Situated just beside the city of  Nis (the biggest city in southern Serbia), after reconstruction, this airport is available for almost any type of aircraft in the world. Due to it's ideal location, Nis airport may be an alternate for even 4 international airports in the region (Beograd ,Sofia, Pristina and Skopje).
This airport is the mostly used for military operations, but civil traffic is growing up, so Nis airport has tendencies to become great international airport in the future, and the best alternate airport in region.

Country: Serbia
Latitude: 43.3373
Longitude: 21.8537
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LYNI 270830Z 19003KT 120V260 CAVOK 15/09 Q1022 NOSIG
Runway Magnetic Bearing Dimensions Surface
11 110° 2200m x 45m Asphalt
29 290° 2200m x 45m Asphalt
Air Traffic Control Stations
Position Identifier Callsign Frequency (MHz) Note
LYNI_TWR Nis Tower 129.32
Navigational Aids
Type Identifier Frequency Note
VOR/DME NIS 113.90 MHz Nis VOR